Maury Foundation Board Of Directors

The Maury Foundation is governed by a board consisting of Maury alumni, parents, former parents and other supporters. The board members serve three-year terms and meet quarterly, typically at Maury High School. The current school principal is an ex-officio member of the board.

Current Board Members

Ryan King ’04, President
George Consolvo ’63, Secretary
Jennifer Saunders Pfitzner ’97, Treasurer
Craig Reilly ’93, Past President
Peggy Beale ‘73, Development Chair
Tim Bostic
Maria O’Hearn
Amber Pickrell
Dana Shaffer ’01
Cameron Waite ’00
Ms Karen Berg, Principal

Past Board Members

Richard F. Aufenger ’46
Margaret Beale ’73
Linwood Beckner ’71
Jody C. Benedict
Melvin Blassingham
Eleanor F. Bradshaw ’51
Hon. Howard E. Copeland ’62
Mary Landon Edwards
Sarah Eppler Bruber, ‘96
Jesse H. Fanshaw III, ’62
Brian Friedman
Kelly Harlan ‘01
Sally Kirby Hartman
Martha Crosswhite Henry ’48
Thomas G. Johnson III ’87
Laurie Leafe ’81
Eugene W. McNeal ’50