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Since 1911, students have entered the front doors of Maury High School and realized its many offerings — a quality education, lasting friendships and valuable life lessons. Secured by the strong foundation Maury High provides, students depart from the school well prepared for success in life.

The Maury Foundation supports this strong tradition of navigating futures and shaping lives. Founded in 1986 by Maury alumni, the Foundation is a non-profit corporation with a singular mission of building support for the school’s students, faculty and programs.

We encourage you to make a current or future gift that will have permanent impact on Maury High for generations to come.

Since 1986 The Maury Foundation has provided more than $130,000 in college scholarships that have helped over 105 Maury graduates.

More than $50,000 in Foundation grants have provided the school with:

  • Support for its honors inception
  • New weight room
  • A bus to take the basketball team to the state tournament
  • A computer lab
  • A foreign language learning station
  • Musical instruments
  • Sports equipment
  • Educational field trips
  • Financial assistance for students’ college application fees
  • Alcohol-free after-prom parties
  • Banners for the gym to honor winning sports teams
  • Educational supplies

The Maury Foundation exists because of generous donors who have supported the work of the foundation since its founding in 1986.

Each year applicants are chosen based on a 300-word essay, their academic transcript, and a letter of recommendation. Applicants must plan to attend an accredited institution of higher learning immediately following graduation, be designated as an honor graduate, and have made a positive contribution to their school and community life.


In 2014, The Maury Foundation received an endowment from the family of Oscar B. “O.B” Ferebee, Jr., Class of 1936. When Mr. Ferebee passed away in 2010, his wife Sandra wanted to celebrate his memory.  O.B. always spoke fondly of his time at Maury High School.  Mrs. Ferebee felt a scholarship in his name for a deserving senior was best.  The Maury Foundation is proud to announce the “Oscar B. Ferebee, Jr.” Endowed Scholarship

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to directly impact the lives of current and future Maury alumni.